Tom Lynch
I grew up on a small farm, and later in the small town of Milford, Iowa. We were quite poor, but my parents did the best they could taking care of my two sisters and brother. There was a safety net then that extended to my family, including a lot of wonderful programs that helped “at risk children” develop self-esteem and good work habits. Aid to Families of Dependent Children (AFDC), Neighborhood Youth Corps, Comprehensive Employment Training (CETA), free lunches, to name just a few. These government programs, taking care of our needs, eventually helped all of my family become contributors rather than liabilities to society. I believe our government is now failing miserably, in providing the services needed, that my generation and those before received.

This safety net of services providing for the least of thee among us, is in serious jeopardy due to unsustainable policies and decisions of our local and state governments.

As a concerned citizen and parent in the Second Senate District for over thirty years, I have:

    • Demonstrated strong leadership in social justice, protecting the environment, developing jobs, and advocating improved government services
    • Formerly Sonoma County Economic Development Board
    • Reelected member Russian River Redevelopment Oversight Committee
    • Currently Supervisor Efren Carrillo’s appointee to the Sonoma County Planning Commission

    My goals include protecting working families, women’s health services, schools, public safety and our environment and infrastructure with fiscally responsible solutions.

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