Our treasured quality of life, our children’s future, is at stake in this election.

That’s why I’m running for Sonoma County’s Fifth District Supervisor. I need strong support from you and your friends & families to help change the current system. I’m a concerned citizen and parent, and for over thirty years I have demonstrated strong leadership in protecting the environment, developing jobs, supporting the arts, and advocating for improved government services within Sonoma County. We need broader levels of engagement so that we can work together openly and honestly to solve problems with sustainable solutions.

I believe we can no longer rely upon local government to solve many of our problems, but need to create new solutions that enlist and involve our local volunteers, nonprofits, faith based groups and private businesses.  We can no longer afford the services government once provided, but now need a new paradigm, a new social contract, with new ideas thinking outside the proverbial box.

Sonoma County government must reinvent itself, become a convener, enlist and involve our community, leverage resources for public safety & road repair, restore cuts to nonprofits and volunteer & faith based organizations. We need future contributors to direct more resources into education and less into incarceration. Our housing crisis in Sonoma County’s 5th district requires supervised homeless camps along with incentives to create rentals and small second dwelling units in underutilized owner occupied homes. To expedite projects, the Sonoma County Permit & Resource Management Department needs more staff and to provide reduced fees.

To make my position absolutely clear concerning the 2003 approval of the 50% retroactive unfunded increase in pension benefits for Sonoma County Employees, I will personally opt out of the Sonoma County Employee Retirement Association system, and work toward making pensions fair for all generations. I believe that inter-generational equity is the issue of the day.

As Sonoma County’s Fifth District Planning Commissioner and former member of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, I’ve worked hard to protect diverse communities, improve health services & schools, and develop affordable housing and infrastructure with fiscally responsible and affordable solutions. I believe passionately that we need to change the way we do things in Sonoma County. Time and again, I have demonstrated the courage and experience that will be needed to recreate the system in the 5th district, and I would be honored to have the support of you and yours to allow me to continue this endeavor as 5th District Supervisor.

Thank you for your support.

Your contributions make a difference!


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